Sudoku online educational game

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  The game Sudoku is a numeric logical game in which you fill in the missing numbers into a partially pre-filled grid.  

Rules of the Sudoku Game

  • The objective of the game Sudoku is to complete the numbers from 1 to 9 into a partially pre-filled grid so that each row, column and sub-square contains each number exactly once.
  • Bonus for completing' will be added to your score for the completion of brain teaser Sudoku and 'Bonus per 1 second remaining' will be added to you for each remaining second.
  • If you fail to puzzle out Sudoku in the time limit, 'Bonus for completing the level' will be subtracted from your score.
  • You will get the information on scoring and bonuses before the start of deciphering of the brain teaser Sudoku.
  • You can exit the brain teaser Sudoku at any time and scored points will be recorded in the top players

  • The victory in the game Sudoku or scored points do not imply any financial or other prize. The win is not legally or otherwise enforceable.

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